Corporate Guidelines

Based on the company policy, guidelines for quality management, human resources, health, work and environmental protection have been established and implemented. The departmental supervisors ensure that the employees have been instructed and understand these guidelines.

Quality Management Guidelines

Quality assurance and constant improvement of our products and services are the main goals of our company policy

Advance through profit and growth

We think ahead of our competitors in the technological and ecological fields. Commitment and creativity are the foundation of our success.

Satisfied customers

The requirements of our customers form the benchmark for our actions.

The first class quality of our work is the precondition to comply with our customers requests and is the decisive factor in determining the success of our company and guaranteeing job security.

Quality is our management tool

Our management is committed to working according to the quality guidelines and goals on a daily basis.

They motivate the employees to be quality conscious and strive to reach the given goals.

We need motivated and competent employees

We will ensure long-lasting motivation and competence of our workforce by improving the required knowledge, through trust and by the assignment of more responsibility as well as by the example set by the management team.

We need excellent suppliers

Our suppliers are actively involved in our quality management. The continuous improvement of our products and processes including quality assurance and the optimisation of costs is the task of our complete purchasing network in which our suppliers play an important role.

We work according to the processes

Responsibilities are defined following the process flow. Interdepartmental thinking and working as a team lead to better results.

We avoid defects

Avoiding defects comes before correction of defects. We will do our utmost from the beginning to ensure that everything is done correctly and that our guidelines are followed consistently.

Continuous improvement

Our processes and products are continuously being improved. Our leading position in the global market can be assured through improvement of quality measures and increased productivity.

Personnel Management Guidelines

Mutual values help to direct the behaviour of the employees towards a common goal. Values are the mental approach, behaviour and opinions which have been established in our organisation through example and employee‘s experiences.

Customer satisfaction

Our main goal is the customer‘s satisfaction. Through continuous product and process innovation we are able to improve our customer and supplier relationships. Mutual success is achieved by competence, professionalism and flexibility.


We work together in different teams and learn from each other. Mutual appreciation and dialogue is guided by good co-operation.


What we ask from others, we will show first.


The Sinterwerke promote a culture of confidence and openness. Our management is equal and shows by example what is asked of the workforce.


We carry responsibility towards our employees. We are frank. The management is aware of the limited resources (humans, time and money) which are used to the optimum to achieve the required results.


We are flexible and have a short decision making process so that we are capable of making decisions promptly and efficiently on time with the information available.

We aim to be more agile, faster and better than our competitors.

This can be achieved through a small corporate structure, flat organisation and flexibility.

Focused and responsible for results

Our ambition is to be successful. Decisions are made efficiently and we act pragmatically. We take responsibility for our actions.

Efficient through teamwork

No one knows everything therefore we count on every individual. We work as a team and as a team member we can each contribute to success.

Guidelines for health, work and environmental security

Our main aim is to shape technical progress and the future of humanity in harmony with our environment.

Acting responsibly

We are committed to acting responsibly in order to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees. Our employees are expected to respect the safety regulations with support and encouragement from the management.

Compliance with the law

The minimum requirement is compliance with the current health, work and environmental regulations.

Protection of resources and energy

Health, work and environmental aspects are included from the beginning in the development of products and production procedures. Existing products and procedures are subject to continuous evaluation and improvment, supported by objective targets, programmes and training courses. This ensures a sustainable handling of resources.

Risk management

The ultimate aim of risk management is to prevent harmful effects on humanity and environment. Risks are identified and evaluated systematically and preventive actions defined.

Commitment and partnership

Our commitment to health, work and environmental protection is also communicated to our suppliers and service providers.


Communication with our employees, customers and the public is the basis for the trust in our conscientious approach.