Our Corporate Values

As a global supplier of automotive parts, the Sinterwerke bear a responsibility which extends beyond the boundaries of the company. Our success on every continent is linked to the principle of sustainability. Our aim is to maintain and strengthen long-term values to the benefit of people, cultures and the environment. Social responsibility is deeply rooted in our tradition and is part of the fundamental values of our company.

The necessity to supply our customer with high quality and reliable parts and services requires very selective measures from the Sinterwerke to ensure the quality of the products during all production processes.

We would like to offer our customer innovative solutions and our employees attractive working conditions in the future. Our decisions and actions are profit-orientated to ensure our financial independence and the company's expansion.

Each employee can and should individually take on responsibility enabling us to boost motivation and job satisfaction.
We maintain a close and trustworthy working relationship with our sub-suppliers to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Our most important task is to combine technical progress and environmental awareness for the benefit of future humanity.
This conviction defines our future-orientated environmental awareness as a modern, global company.